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True Love’s Kiss: works better than any stat boost/healing item/magic spell/you name it. It’d be hilarious if it can even cure Nortification

Inspired by some pages of Binbougami Ga! and Cerests's Soriku post

Setting up training area. “Hmph. Who need help. I can do my own training. I used to do it all the time! Piece of cake! Just gotta… gotta stay focused! Make sure the skills aren’t all rusty…”

"….It never did stop being weird training on my own, though."

((I’m re-watching Sky High and all of the sudden oh no Superpowers AU

Of course the only ‘superpower’ I came up with was Kuro being a human shapeshifter kinda like Mystique but shhhh I’m still watching the movie.))

murakumonumber11 replied to your post:((*curled up in a tight ball* well I was gonna go…

(*hug* Shhh, there there catpup)

((*whines softly* Nyuuuh…))

((*curled up in a tight ball* well I was gonna go to sleep… now I just feel like I need a hug…))

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((Dog, I know you’re sleepy too, but my lap is not a bed.))

thecrystalizeddemongirl replied to your post:"Nyuuuh. This really feels weird… I dun’ like it…"


*sigh* Sometimes i really miss people. too bad I’m actually the biggest chicken on the planet…

"Nyuuuh. This really feels weird… I dun’ like it…"

If they had a kid meme


  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • General Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Special Talents:
  • Who they like better:
  • Who they take after more:
  • Personal Headcanon:







murakumonumber11 replied to your post:((frieeeeeeeeeeends))





(Howdy friend!)

Hoooowdyyyyy buddyyyy

….I have a sudden urge for more shenanigans. oops.



Shenanigans sounds like a purrfect idea.

Yes they do but I don’t wanna be abother to peeps who may be busy and stuff…

that and not sure what said shenanigans should be.




Nah, you’ll be fine. You aren’t a bother~

I still literally have no idea what to do for shenanigans tho. haha…ha…